PRISON PERV PARADE (Alarm as 78 set to be sprung)

A small army of sex offenders slated for release from state prisons in the next two months is cause for concern.  Among 2,200 convicts to be set free before November 20 are 78 rapists, sex abusers and pedophiles.  Among them are:

- Dennis Chester, a 45 year old Brooklyn rapists, who is slated for release on September 9 after serving 19 years for raping at least four women over two years dating back to 1981.  He talked his way into his victims' homes before beating, sodomizing and raping them.

- Frederick Johnson, a 48 year old so-called career rapist, currently eligible for release after serving more than 20 years for five rapes he committed within two months after he was freed from prison for three earlier rapes.  He told his victims he was in trouble with the cops and convinced them to walk with him before raping them at gunpoint.

- Efrain Vasquez, a 39 year old  phony doctor, set for release November 8 after serving three years for sexually assaulting two women at a Bronx clinic.  The medical technician abused a 24 year old woman after claiming he was a doctor and was performing a pelvic exam.  He also repeatedly had sex with a 15 year old female patient.  

Several studies have shown sex offenders commit new crimes at a higher rate than other criminals.  A 1996 study by the Massachusetts prison system found up to 100 percent of child rapists and sexual assaulters returned to prison within three years after committing new crimes.