Daily News/Ernie Naspretto

A heroic watchdog saved a 7 year old Queens girl from a sexual attacker on July 7. Blue, a yearold pit bull boxer mix, saw a man drag the girl into a small walkway between two garages in abackyard on 171st Street in Flushing, said the dog's owner, Heather Fretes. My dog was barking,which is unusual, so I went in the back to see why, she said. He was looking in the corner of theyard, and I heard a little girl crying. I said to myself, This doesn't sound right. When she wentto investigate she saw the girl struggling with a dark-haired white man in his 20s who wore jeansand a blue T-shirt. I yelled, 'What's going on here?' and the guy held up his pants and startedrunning, and the little girl came out crying. She told me he was trying to pull down her shorts.Queens detectives have identified the man they believe molested the girl before he was scared off.After spending a night in jail for possessing a stolen bicycle, witnesses saw the young pervhanging around 171st Street.

(New York)