Ramadhar Ramlal, a 59 year old Hindu priest and former Trinidad police officer from Queens, has been charged with raping a 16 year old girl under the guise of a bizarre two-hour religious cleansing ritual that would rid her of evil spirits.  Ramlal, of the USA Pandits Parishad Church on 88th Avenue in Jamaica told the girl in 2002 to meet him at a friend's apartment, where he duped her into undressing and allowing him to blindfold her.  He allegedly placed coins on various parts of her body, doused her with oil from head to toe, tied a string around his finger and sexually assaulted her.  Three months later, he allegedly performed a similar ritual on the girl at the Econo Lodge motel on Rockaway Boulevard in Jamaica, where he said, Now I have to do this to complete the ritual, and I am sorry, but I have to do this, then raped her.

(New York)