Parents of students in the Saratoga Springs City School District are about to get a letter warning them that seven convicted Level 2 sex offenders have registered within the district.  Under Megan's Law, convicted sex offenders must register their address with local police.  Information about them is not available to the public or the press, though the Saratoga Springs Police Department and Saratoga County Sheriff's Office alert school officials so they can take precautions as well as pass along the warning to parents.  

The state Sex Offender Registry Web site --  -- has information and photos of Level 3 child molesters and rapists, who are deemed the highest risk to the public.  Only zip codes for the Level 2 offenders are available.

In Saratoga Springs:

Richard E. LaVene, convicted March 10, 1992, of first degree sodomy.  Victim - 7 year old girl.

Neil Fullington, convicted November 6, 1991, of first degree sodomy.  Victim - 7 year old boy.

Michael J. Roselle, convicted March 5, 1993, of first degree sexual abuse. Victim - 5 year old girl.

Harry R. Smith, convicted November 6, 1991, of second degree sexual abuse.  Victims - 13 and 15 year old boys.

David Hickey, convicted October 28, 1994, of third degree sodomy.  Victim - 9 year old girl.

In Porter Corners:

Gerald L. Ovitt, convicted December 24, 1994, of third degree rape.  Victim - 15 year old girl.

In Greenfield Center:

Robert J. Thomas, convicted May 20, 1998, of first degree sexual abuse.  Victim - 7 year old boy.

(Saratoga Springs, New York)