Carlos Desuze, a 32 year old former youth minister from Baldwin, was charged with third degree statutory rape yesterday after a 17 year old girl told her parents and police she was having a sexual relationship with the minister that began when she was 16.  Desuze was arrested at his parents home at 984 Steele Blvd., in Freeport.  He had been employed as a youth minister for the Word of Life Ministries in Freeport for the past five years until a month ago.  He knew the teen and her family well through the church.  They began a sexual relationship last August.  The girl was a willing participant but legally she was not able to give consent.  Third degree rape applies to defendants who are over 21 and engage in sexual intercourse with subjects who are under 17.  Desuze was charged for a statutory rape that alleged occurred on August 16, 2002 in West Hempstead.

(New York)