Kevin Dern, a former music teacher at the exclusive Greenwich Academy girls' school, resigned after cops raided his Greenwich home and seized videotapes, computers and computer discs.  He ran a Web site featuring sexy photos of Long Island cheerleaders.  Some of the tapes contained pornography.  The Web site run by Dern, cheervideos.com, featured photos and videos of the girls at cheerleading competitions at Long Island high schools, there were close-ups as the girls jumped up or bent over.  The Web site has been shut down.  Dern, 29, now of Bensalem, Pa., pleaded guilty yesterday in Riverhead to selling lewd videotapes of the Long Island cheerleaders.  He pleaded guilty to a 56 count indictment charging him with violating the civil rights of the high school girls and endangering the welfare of a child.  He faces a maximum of 2 years in prison for the misdemeanors, but has more serious legal problems elsewhere.  He also faces felony child pornography charges in Connecticut.

(New York)