William Bishop, 61, was making his rounds at Disney's Swan Resort.  He most likely didn't notice the gentleman who had been watching him with increased interest.  As he lead little girl away from the crowded area, it's almost certain that he didn't know that he was being followed by spying eyes.  But, whether Bishop knew it or not, he had indeed caught the wondering eye of a father, whose children Bishop had come close to earlier.  

This time, an 11 year old boy said he witnessed the crime in the bushes at Walt Disney World on Friday.  In fact, before being caught in the act, he allegedly made an earlier attempt on children, whose father then kept a close eye on Bishop as he found another child.  The father sees Bishop take the child and go into a little wooded area by the pool.  As the man's oldest son followed, the 11 year old boy allegedly witness Bishop fondling the 8 year old girl and touching himself.  That's when lifeguards were called in to hold Bishop until deputies arrived.  Bishop had a small handheld video camera on him, leading police to believe that he filmed the abuse and that he has likely done this before.  Investigators believe Bishop has been molesting children for a long time.