WOMAN BRANDED A “DRAMA QUEEN” BY THE DUNFERMLINE SEX BEAST WHO RAPED HER AT 10. A sex beast branded a woman he raped when she was 10 a “drama queen” when she decided to bring him to justice.

November 15, 2019
Dunfermline Press

Today (Friday) at the High Court in Glasgow, 41-year-old James Kerr, from Dunfermline, admitted raping two schoolgirls and physically abusing two women.
The offences, which were committed a various address in Dunfermline, took place over a 28-year period from 1991 to 2019.
Prosecutor Shanti Maguire told the court when one of his child rape victims, who is now 37, went to the police in 2018 he sent a text message saying: “She is being a drama queen.”
Ms Maguire added: “The first time he raped her she was 10. He got into her bed at night and placed his hand over her mouth, she tried to push him off, but she described him as a dead weight.
“He kept telling her: 'Don't tell anyone' and added: 'If you ever tell anybody, I will find you and kill you.'
“The abuse happened on at least six or seven separate occasions.”
Kerr's second rape victim was abused from the age of five until she was 15.
Ms Maguire said: “She is unsure of how many times he raped her.”
The court heard the victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, told Kerr: “Ever since you done this to me I've hated you.”
The court heard that Kerr, who is a self-employed roofer and delivery driver, also admitted physical violence towards two other women.
He threatened to break one woman's legs by pressing his weight on her kneecaps and did this while two young children were in the room.
Kerr on another occasion turned on the gas in her home and threatened to blow up the house with her and children inside.
Another woman was frequently beaten and strangled by Kerr, who accused her of sleeping with other men, and left her with black eyes and bruising.
On one occasion after a row about her being expected to do all the washing up, he picked up the basin of soapy water and poured it all over her.
Kerr also launched himself at her as they lay in bed. The next thing she remembered was being in a shower and there being a lot of blood.
The court heard that Kerr hit her five times on the head and back with an empty Buckfast bottle.
When examined in hospital, medics notice a bottle-shaped imprint on her body.
Judge Lord Matthews deferred sentence on Kerr for background reports and a risk assessment until January next year.
Solicitor advocate Gordon Martin will give his plea in mitigation then.


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