An 11 year old girl was pulled onto a Bronx rooftop on Easter Sunday by two pre-teen boys and raped.  Police sources said the girl was taken onto the roof of an apartment building on Webb Avenue in Kingsbridge Heights at about 8 p.m. after the boys, who are cousins aged 10 and 12, came to her family home asking for her brother.  The girl said the raped was preceded by a sexual assault about a half-hour earlier when the boys first came to her family's front door, pulled her into a hallway and groped her.  She said the boys cam back later and that's when they pulled her on the roof for the attack.  After noticing the girl was gone, her mom ran out into the street to look for her.  She saw her daughter walking through the door and knew something was wrong.  The boys have been charged with first degree rape.  They are scheduled for a juvenile court hearing May 12.

(New York)