150 YEARS TO LIFE IN RAPE (Kidnapper of girl sentenced)

Newsday/Chau Lam

James Warren, 42, and Beth Loschin, 46, brutalized a 15 year old girl during an S&M ordealand lent her out as a sex slave to Michael Montez, a 36 year old Queens man, who repeatedly rapedher and kept her tied up naked in a closet. The girl, a Massachusetts runaway, was forced to wearhigh heels and black lingerie and was repeatedly raped, sodomized and beaten over 45 hours insideMontez's third floor apartment. When he was done violating her, he stuffed toilet paper in herears, wrapped two Ace bandages around her head and shoved her into a closet. Warren, who lived inHampton Bays when he was arrested, allegedly met the girl in Internet chat rooms. The two discussedsex online. On August 3, 2001, Warren and Loschin, his girlfriend, drove to Wrentham, a Bostonsuburb, and picked the girl up at a mall where she worked. She was brought to Loschin's Farmingdalehome, where she was allegedly held captive, beaten and raped repeatedly. Now, Warren's sister,Joanne, said she had been raped by him more than 20 years ago. She said she was 12 years old whenher brother raped her on two separate occasions.

In 1979, he picked up two girls at a gasoline station in Watertown, Connecticut, and drove themin a stolen van to a nearby lake, where he raped them. He pleaded guilty to sexual assault but didnot serve any jail time. In 1981, he pleaded guilty to sexual assault after breaking into a 22 yearold girl's apartment in Watertown and stabbing her in the side with a knife. He was sentenced to 7years in prison. Warren, gal pal Loschin and cyberpal Montez are accused of charges ranging fromkidnapping to rape and sodomy and could be exposed to life terms in prison if the case goesfederal. Loschin was released on $80,000 bail and returned to her home, where, neighbors say, shehas lived for more than 35 years. Neighbors demonstrated outside her house to express their concernabout her return to the neighborhood and demand that she leave. About 70 people gathered at noon onLockwood Avenue outside her house waving signs reading, Beth, We Want You Out and Shame on theJudge That Let this Monster Out. The demonstration lasted about 45 minutes but Loschin was nowhere to be seen.

In a 65-count indictment handed up December 2, 2001, a Nassau grand jury added 47 chargesincluding two counts of second-degree attempted murder against Warren. The indictment says theattempted murder charges resulted from Warren using a plastic bag to choke the girl during sex onAugust 4 and using his arm to do the same on August 10. Prosecutors said under the law a 15 yearold cannot give consent to sex. Michael Berger, attorney with the Legal Aid Society of NassauCounty, said the girl told Warren she was older than 18 and she consented to having sex with Warrenand Loschin.

The teen confronted her alleged attacker in court. The soft-spoken teenager admitted she neverasked her alleged sexual tormentors to stop abusing her and did not try to escape because shefeared for her life. I was told if I tried to get away, I would be killed or my legs would bebroken, she said at the Nassau County trial. The girl, who failed to identify Warren in thecourtroom, occasionally glanced fearfully at the defense table where he sat and then looked away.Loschin has already pleaded guilty and is expected to be a key prosecution witness against herfellow slave master. She pleaded guilty to sexual assault in November and agreed to testify inexchange for a reduced, four-year prison sentence. She was sentenced to the 4 years in prison inJanuary.

Warren was convicted of kidnapping and raping the 15 year old girl and remained defiantyesterday, even as he was sentenced to 150 years to life in prison. He continues to insist hedidn't force the girl to do anything she didn't want to do.

(New York)