3 ARRESTED IN ATTACK ON GIRL, 14 (Two 17-year-olds, 15-year-old forced victim to perform sex act, according to victim’s mother)

Newsday/Jennifer Sinco Kelleher

Keith Mayo, Vincent Caforella, both 17, and a 15 year old, have been accused by a 14 year oldLake Grove girl of surrounding her as she walked through a wooded area, holding her down andforcing her to perform oral sex. The three were arrested earlier this week and were charged themeach with forcible touching and first degree criminal sexual act. They pleaded not guilty at theirarraignment and were released on $2,500 bail. Police would not provide details on the case, sayingonly that the incident occurred last month, and that a similar attack was made in May 2004. Thesame three were charged in both cases, although the girl's mother says she was able to break freethe first time.

(New York)