A man is in custody after police say he molested and impregnated a 10-year-old in Marion,Indiana.

Nicholas Deon Thrash is facing 10 counts of child molesting.

The victim's family says the man accused of molesting and impregnating the then 10-year-old girlwas no stranger. In fact, he was living with her mother.

The young girl's grandmother said she met Thrash multiple times and never thought he would becapable of doing something like this.

She described him as polite and helpful around the house, saying he had them fooled.

She says her granddaughter is now 20 weeks pregnant. The grandmother wanted to share their storyto let parents know how important it is to talk with your kids, and let them know that they cancome to you if something isn't right.

She says it's heartbreaking to watch someone so young go through this.

She'd come out and ask, 'Can I get my Barbies?' I said, 'Of course you can.' She's still alittle girl that wants to play, and now her whole life has changed. She's scared, being in that forso long and knowing you have to carry this baby, the girl's grandmother told WISH.

The director of Prevent Child Abuse Indiana says conversations with your kids about appropriateboundaries are important and they should be had at a young age.

She said to be cautious of adults who are looking to spend too much alone time with a certainchild. She says about 80 percent of sexual abuse occurs in one-on-one situations.

The family has not yet decided whether to put the baby up for adoption. In the meantime, theyare in need of maternity clothes for that young girl. She is a size small. (Marion, IN)

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