December 10, 2019
Bradford Betz
Fox News

A British serial rapist who sexually assaulted women and children during a two-week period when he was supposed to have been locked up was sentenced Monday to 33 life sentences, according to reports.
Joseph McCann was found guilty Friday of nearly 40 offenses relating to at least 11 victims between the ages of 11 and 71, Reuters reported. The sentences will be served concurrently and he will be eligible for release in 30 years, according to Reuters.
Judge Andrew Edis of London’s Old Bailey Court called McCann a “classic psychopath” who will never “cease to be dangerous” to society.
“You have never expressed a word of regret or concern for your victims,” Edis said. “You are entirely obsessed with yourself and believe you are entitled to use other people in any way you want.”
Between April and May of this year, McCann, 34, went on a cocaine and vodka-fueled rampage across the U.K. raping women and children, BBC reported.

He kidnapped multiple victims at knifepoint, and subjected them to repeated rapes and sexual assaults, the report said. McCann detained one woman in her home and molested her children – ages 11 and 17.
During his rampage, McCann was supposed to have been in jail for having committed a burglary while on parole, Reuters reported.
A manhunt for McCann ended after police surrounded him while he was trying to hide up a tree.
Detective Chief Inspector Katherine Goodwin called McCann “one of the most dangerous offenders this country has ever seen.”
“We all had one ultimate aim – to bring McCann to justice and make sure no-one else will ever have to suffer at his hands.”

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