New York Post/Bill Hoffmann

Actor Paul Reubens, 51, who spent 10 years as Pee-Wee Herman before he was caught masturbatingin a Florida movie theater, was slapped with a kiddie-porn charge in Los Angeles in November 2001.The complaint of possession of material depicting children under 18 engaging in sexual conduct wasfiled in Superior Court. Reubens was expected to turn himself in and post $20,000 bail. Hispublicist Kelly Bush said the handful of images came from more than 10,000 vintage magazinesseized from the actor's home and some are over 30 years old.

Fellow actor, Jeffrey Jones, 58, best known as peabrained principal Ed Rooney in FerrisBueller's Day Off, was arrested on related charges. Jones surrendered to authorities and wascharged with possession of child pornography and a felony count of employing a minor for purposesof taking sexually explicit photos. He allegedly hired a 14 year old boy to pose for a series ofnude photos. He was released on $20,000 bail, but, if convicted, faces up to three years in stateprison. The boy implicated both Jones and Reuben but only Jones has been charged with a felony.

Reubens is about to be a registered sex offender in California. He was sentenced to three years'probation March 19, 2004, after pleading guilty to one misdemeanor count of possessing obscenematerials of minors engaged in sexual conduct after prosecutors agreed to drop a more seriouspossession of child pornography rap that carries up to a year in jail. Besides registering as asex offender, the sentence requires weekly counseling for a year, searches by cops, and nounsupervised contact with minors.

Jones made his victim, now 19, dress up in costumes reminiscent of the Village People, a newlawsuit charges. The victim is suing Jones for damages citing physical and sexual abuse. Jonespleaded no contest last July to a felony charge.

(Los Angeles)