‘COP’ FROM HELL (Long Island fake charged in rape and swindling spree)

Henry Terry, a 31 year old Long Island man, arrested four months ago for pretending to be a law-abiding, helpful police officer with a security biz on the side, has been charged with raping a woman, molesting a 15 year old boy, torturing and assaulting two other young men and abusing animals.  Terry also conned other victims out of an SUV and $120,000 in cash - all to protect them from bizarre criminal plots that did not exist.  He was arraigned yesterday on 54 counts charging him with 18 separate crimes, including sex abuse, rape, grand larceny, unlawful imprisonment, menacing, weapons possession, criminal impersonation and cruelty to animals.  Among the charges:

- Violently raping a woman last December after he entered a St. James home wearing his fake uniform and threatened his victim with arrest.

- He picked up a 15 year old runaway boy from New Jersey and had sex with him and held him at his Holbrook home last year.

- He brutalized an 18 year old by handcuffing him and forcing him into a closet, putting a gun to his head and pulling the trigger of the empty weapon.  That victim was also handcuffed and beaten, and Terry put a gun into the teen's mouth and clicked the trigger.

- A 20 year old male victim lived with Terry in Holbrook but he was also brutalized.  Terry allegedly bound him with duct tape and burned him with a cigarette.

- Terry is charged with stealing $120,000 from a retired bus driver.

- Terry stole and SUV and used the credit cards of another victim to rack up $40,000 in goods and services.

- Terry torched two cats, one of whom died, and also starved his own dog.  

At a press conference after the arraignment, Suffolk District Attorney Tom Spota said he believes there are even more victims of Terry's chilling crimes and urged them to come forward by making confidential calls to investigators at (631) 853-4232.

(New York)