DOH! DOLPH’S A BAD DUDE (‘Perv’ teach model for ‘Simpson’ bully)

Dolph Timmerman, a 51 year old teacher at PS 123 in Bushwick charged with fondling three 10 year old schoolgirls, is the real life model for the school-bully character of Dolph on The Simpsons.  Matt Groening, creator of the Fox show, patterned the stringy-haired thug who terrorizes Bart Simpson after Timmerman, who was his classmate at Lincoln High School in Portland, Oregon.  Timmerman was arrested February 14 for allegedly touching the buttocks of one girl in a classroom as she bent over, as well as two other girls in the hallway of the school on Irving Avenue.   He has been placed on administrative duty away from kids and was arraigned on six counts of sex abuse and child endangerment charges yesterday and released without bail.

(New York)