HER RIGHT TO BE OBNOXIOUS (Hell hath no fury like a mother scorned)

Every week, Dyandria Darel, 58, can be found pacing along the 150 William Street block, protesting the way ACS caseworkers have handled her now closed case.  In 1997, the department alleged that Darel's ex-husband, a retired New York City police detective, had molested their daughter.  But a series of complicated twists in Manhattan Family Court would cause judges to drop the accusation as unproven, find Darel guilty of neglect, and place her daughter in foster care.  Eventually, she lost custody for good to the man whom ACS had once accused of abuse.  The outcome has fueled an eight year war of words for Darel.  ACS caseworkers are directly involved in giving custody to a pedophile cop! she yells to the lunch crowd on a recent Monday.  Darel is carrying a sign that reads: ACS GAVE A PEDOPHILE COP SOLE CUSTODY OF THE CHILD HE SEXUALLY ASSAULTED.  But what draws people's attention isn't the text so much as the image, an old, blown-up photograph Darel purports to be of her former husband, naked, lying in bed with their young daughter, his hands on his crotch.  

Her ex-husband's new wife insists that her husband never molested his daughter, now 16, and that the teen is doing well in their care, excelling at school, preparing for college.

The messy saga started in 1997, when the couple's child told a doctor her father had touched her genital area.

(New York)