Milton McFarlane, a 39 year old Bronx public school teacher who is HIV-positive, was sentenced to 10 years behind bars for sexually molesting six pupils 7 to 9.  The Bronx judge who sentenced him angrily added he wished he could drown the monster predator.  McFarlane, a former PS 78 teacher, was allowed to plead guilty to 28 counts of sodomy, sexual abuse, child pornography and reckless endangerment in exchange for the wristslap so the young boys wouldn't have to relive the horror of the crimes in court.  Bronx state Supreme Court Judge John Barone read McFarlane the riot act saying, A better sentence would have be for you to have a millstone tied around your neck and you be cast into the sea.  You came to [your students] in sheep's clothing, but in reality, you were a wolf.  Under ideal circumstances there would be no plea bargain, but the welfare of the children is the only concern of this court.  

The sexual assaults took place between 1998 and May 2, 2001, when McFarlane, then a second grade teacher at the Williamsbridge school, was arrested.  Leading Hispanic ministers called for the resignation of independent Schools Investigator Ed Stanick for refusing to probe 1998 sex abuse charges against McFarlane.  He turned the case over to the board, which took no action, saying it could not substantiate the charges. So far, none of the boys has tested positive for HIV.

(Bronx, New York)