KID-RAPE SHOCK (Creep charged with attacking child in 1997)

Guillermo Gorostiza, the 44 year old alleged gun-toting rapist of a 12 year old girl who gave birth on Thanksgiving, has been charged with the same crime before.  He was charged in 1997 with domestic forcible rape of a child under 17, menacing and criminal possession of a gun.  He pleaded guilty to lesser charges and was out of jail by 2002, when he was arrested again for petit larceny and served another three years, getting out in February.  Nine months later, on Thanksgiving, his latest alleged young victim gave birth to a baby girl.  The girl's mother said her daughter was terrorized for those nine months by the monster that stole her innocence.  He would shove a gun up to her head and say that if she talked that he would kill her, he would kill me and he would kill her older brother, said the distraught mom.  My daughter was traumatized by this man, she spent nine months in fear.  The girl and her family didn't know that she was pregnant until her water broke during Thanksgiving dinner.  After giving birth she told officials and relatives that Gorostiza had raped her.  He is accused of assaulting the girl at least three times: fondling her once while forcing her to watch the Playboy Channel, and twice raping her, the first time at gunpoint.  He was charged with two counts of rape and criminal possession of a weapon each.

(New York)