‘KIDNAP’ SPARKS ‘AMBER’ HUNT (Dad held after tot found)

Jesus Juice Maldonado, 33, was arrested last night after forcing Carla Vilela, 24, and their daughter, Carolina, 17 months, into his van Tuesday night.  The battered Florida mom had fled her abusive husband with her young daughter and was hiding out in Queens when he snatched the two of them.   Mother and daughter were found unharmed shortly after dusk and Maldonado was being questioned although no charges were immediately filed.  

Vilela had been living with Maldonado in Kissimmee, Florida.  They were involved in an abusive relationship and she came to Elmhurst to live with her grandparents.  Maldonado allegedly pulled up alongside them as they stood outside her grandparents' house and ordered them to get in.   He grabbed the baby and told Vilela to go get her stuff.  Fearing her daughter might be harmed, she ran inside and hastily scooped up some personal items.  The incident sparked cops at the 115th Precinct to issue an Amber Alert.  

Maldonado gained notoriety in December 2000, when he and another man allegedly pulled a home invasion robbery in Orange County, Florida, and wounded a cop.

(Queens, New York)