Newsday/Ann Givens

Kevin E. Allocco, a 21 year old Bethpage man, pleaded not guilty in May 2007 to rape andsexual abuse charges stemming from two unrelated assaults that occurred years apart inNassau.  Allocco, of 4 Collector Lane, is accused in the 2004 forcible and statutory rape of a14 year old girl in Bethpage State Park and the sexual abuse of a 20 year old woman in Garden Cityin April.  Police said he knew both victims.  After the woman came forward recently,police began an investigation that revealed the rape of the girl and that Allocco possessed childpornography.  The probe also revealed there may be more sexual assault victims linked tohim.  Two of his computers and CDs and DVDs containing child pornography were seized after asearch warrant was executed.  Allocco, who has a previous 2006 arrest for stalking, wascharged with first degree and second degree rape, first degree sexual abuse and possessing a sexualperformance by a child.  His bail was set at $750,000 bond or $300,000 cash. 
Allocco, now 22, pleaded for help from the Nassau county judge who was about to send him toprison.  I think it's more than blatantly obvious that I need help, he said.  Hepleaded guilty in march 2008 to raping the two teenage girls, sending a sexually graphic textmessage to another teenage and having child pornography on his computer.  Give me a chance tofind a way to be OK.  Alloco was sentenced to serve 4 to 12 years in prison for hiscrimes. 
(New York)