According to a bombshell lawsuit, it is alleged that a 12 year old girl was sexually assaulted by a middle-school classmate and later forced to re-enact the event in front of her classmates.  The girl was then forced to transfer to another school, even as her alleged assailant was allowed to return to the Technology, Arts and Sciences Studio MS on the Lower East Side.  The girl's mother is suing the city and the Department of Education, she said her daughter has shut down emotionally as a result of the November 22, 2005 attack.  The girl was grabbed by the throat by a boy who choked her, slammed her against a wall and forced his hand down her pants.  The girl reported the attack to school officials who forced her to re-enact the assault in front of the boy and other classmates, the suit claims.  The boy was charged as a juvenile in Family Court but charges were later dismissed.

(New York)