Police: Driver charged with attempted rape of 13-year-old girl

A driver was arrested after allegedly attempting to rape a teenage girl.

Police say Eudy Mejia is a driver with an unregistered car service.

They say he locked the doors of his car and tried to rape a 13-year-old girl.

Investigators say he stopped the car, asked for a kiss and took her cellphone.

The girl tried to get out, but police say Mejia took off - making it impossible for her to escape.

Police say Mejia parked the car and tried to attack her.

Investigators say the girl grabbed a plastic bottle, hit him and ran.

"This young lady is amazing," says Laura Ahearn, of Crime Victims' Center. "She fought back."

News 12 went to Mejia's home. Someone was inside, but no one answered.

Ahearn, who works with the advocacy group, says they have heard a lot of stories about passengers and drivers being attacked.

Ahearn is calling for changes.

"We need to have panic alarms in the back for passengers and panic alarms in the front for drivers who are female who are attacked," Ahearn says.

She says that people should only use car services that do background checks and to use a buddy system.

Ahearn also says that children should not ride alone in a car service.

Mejia is charged with attempted rape and unlawful imprisonment.