Two 9 year old Harlem boys are accused of holding down and fondling a fourth grade classmate at their school.  The boys were arrested as they trotted off a school bus.  Both boys and the girl are in special ed classes.  Police said the attack happened at the end of classes at PS 153, at 1750 Amsterdam Avenue, around 2:30 p.m. Tuesday as they were all leaving the same class when the boys allegedly forced the girl under a first floor stairwell.  The larger boy who is 5 foot 1 and weighing 130 pounds, allegedly held her down while the smaller boy who is 4 foot 4 and 63 pounds, grabbed her buttocks.  The mothers of the two boys said they were outraged the kids were rounded up in front of other children, cuffed and then hauled off to the station house.  

(Harlem, New York)