New York Post

Hector Noel Mojarro Frausto, 23, was accused of kidnapping an 11 year old neighbor whodisappeared in June 1999 and recently turned up in 2003 in Mexico. Frausto, who was wanted on firstdegree kidnapping and felony statutory rape charges, was arrested in North Carolina. Authoritieshad been looking for him when Dana Pevia contacted officials in Mexico to report herself missing.She returned to Raeford, N.C. on with her two young children. Her family had not seen her since shewalked to the school bus just after 6 a.m. on June 4, 1999. They thought she had been kidnapped andpossibly killed. Pevia had been involved with Frausto, and shortly before she disappeared she toldhim she had been getting sick every morning. He suspected she was pregnant and arranged for them totravel to his family home in Mexico.

Frausto is one of four inmates who escaped from an understaffed county jail. The four escapedlate October 28 from the Hoke County Jail's annex by climbing down a 6 foot rope of blankets. Onewas captured October 29 and the others remained at large.

(Raeford, North Carolina)