August 17, 2020
Angenette Levy
Local 12

BLUE ASH, Ohio (WKRC) - Gene Jackson calls himself a crystal healing instructor but a grand jury indictment alleges he raped customers at the business he runs out of his home.

"The guy's just a pig," said Hamilton Co. Prosecutor Joe Deters Monday.

Jackson runs "The Crystal Guy" out of his house on Waxwing Dr. in Blue Ash. Jackson, 61, faces two counts of rape and four counts of gross sexual imposition for incidents involving four women from 2005 through 2018. Deters said Jackson drugged the women by offering them tea.

"It's one of those shops where they believe crystals move your emotions and everything like that. And he took advantage of them. He drugged them with a variety of substances and they, unfortunately, were sexually assaulted after he drugged them," Deters said.

An investigation began after a woman came forward. On Jackson's website, he sells a number of crystals and claims he's "a certified melody crystal healing instructor." Jackson claims his "mission" is to "share the power and love of the mineral kingdom with those whose mission is to seek love and a deeper connection via the inherent loving wisdom of the stones."

Deters said one of the women woke up in the middle of the assault and others were naked when they regained consciousness.

"He needs to be taken off the street for a long time. People that do this kind of stuff, first of all, generally when you catch them it's not the first time. And they don't stop," Deters said.

No one answered the door at Jackson's home Monday afternoon. He remains in the Hamilton Co. Justice Center. Jackson will be arraigned on Friday.

Deters believes there are more women who were assaulted by Jackson.


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