Elkech Leon, Parrish Jones and Jonathan Mendoza, all 18 at the time of the 1999 attack, were charged with sodomy, kidnapping, sexual abuse and assault on a then 16 year old female student in a Bayside High School bathroom.  Each of them faced more than 65 years in jail.  All admitted to the attack in graphic written and videotaped statements.  Leon, who sodomized the victim, told authorities he wanted to see how it felt to be a rapist.  Jones also sodomized the victim and told authorities that he found it weird that he found himself doing these things.  Mendoza, who stood guard by the bathroom door, said the plan was to make her unconscious so she would have no memory of what they were doing during the sexual assault.  The three are special education students.  Jones, now 21, pleaded guilty yesterday to sodomizing the girl and plotting from jail to have her kidnapped to keep her from testifying against him at trial.  He agreed to serve 13 years in prison, after admitting he tried to hire an undercover cop to silence her.  Elkesh pleaded guilty to sodomy, sexual abuse, kidnapping and assault and is serving 15 years in prison.  Mendoza pleased guilty to attempted kidnapping and is serving a five year sentence.

(New York)