William Bond, 62, allegedly preyed on at least 10 young boys from Mattituck in the early 1980s, luring some into his house, following others into their home, ultimately sodomizing them all.  He was indicted in 1983 on multiple sodomy charges but he fled before he was arraigned.  He left his wife and home and left few clues as to how and where he planned to start his life over.  He evaded capture for nearly two decades until investigators from a federal fugitive task force and detectives from Suffolk County and Portland, Oregon, traced him to a one-bedroom apartment in Portland.  He was arrested August 7, 2002, in a nearby bar.  Bond clearly is not the same man who preyed on boys more than 20 years ago, before fleeing prosecution.  He admitted his crimes in a Riverhead courtroom while sitting in a wheelchair.  He struggled to wheeze answers to question, fighting advanced emphysema.  He pleaded guilty to four counts of first degree sodomy.  In return for the plea, Judge Gary Weber agreed to sentence Bond to 2 to 6 years in prison, but suggested that it may as well be a life sentence.

Bond has been sentenced to the two to six years in prison.  From his wheelchair in court he wheezed, Im very sorry for what I did.  

(New York)