Carlos Ossa, a 37-year-old Jackson Heights man, was arrested at Jones Beach State Park on Saturday afternoon after he smacked a 10 year old boy in the buttocks as the boy walked with his family near the central mall.  As the boy walked ahead of his family he was smacked so hard by Ossa that he was lifted off the ground.  The attack appeared to be unprovoked and the man does not know the family or the boy.  He pleaded not guilty to the third degree sexual abuse charge and was released after posting $2,500 bail.  In an unrelated incident, occurring about the same time, a woman reported that a man tried to pull her into a secluded area before she got away and he fled.  She was walking between parking field No. 2 and Democrat Point when he allegedly tried to pull into some sand dunes.  There is no description at this time.

(New York)