Vili Fualaau, the 22 year old father of two children by former teacher Mary Kay Letourneau, has dreamed of a future with her.  Letourneau was released from prison on August 4, 2004.  Fualaau was 12 and in middle school when the contact with his former teacher began. She routinely kept him in her elementary school classroom late at night, slow dancing and having sex with him. Fualaau sued the Highline School District.  He and his mother were seeking more than $1 million from the Seattle suburb of Des Moines and the school district. They were seeking damages for psychological damage, pain and suffering, injury to the relationship between him and his mother, and the cost of raising his children. Fualaau was denied damages by a jury after a court found that police and school officials were not to blame. In an eight-week civil trial, lawyers for the school and police officials argued that his mother knew more about her son's affair than anyone but showed little concern until money the family had received from giving sensational media interviews ran out. Letourneau, 43, served 7 years in prison for second-degree child rape.

Letournau was subject to a court order that barred her from any contact with Fualaau, who she described as a man beyond his years, wise, talented and strong.  Besides facing a lifetime ban on seeing him, she also must be supervised anytime she visits the daughters she shares with him, Audrey, 7, and Alexis, 5.  

On August 6, a judge lifted the no-contact order between Letourneau and Fualaau, paving the way for them to reunite.

Fualaau said the two have been meeting daily since her release from prison and would like to marry.  He said, We still have the same feelings for each other, times forever.  He also said he will seek custody of the children at some point.

Letourneau told Barbara Walters on 20/20, that she will marry her former child lover.  We've always planned that and it hasn't changed, she said.  And, she says, they may have a third child together, boasting that I'm healthy enough.  

The couple wed at the Columbia Winery in Woodinville.  Letourneau's teen daughter, Mary Claire, from her earlier marriage, was maid of honor.

(Seattle, Washington)