News 12 Long Island

Rasheem Dupree, a 28 year old level one sex offender on parole, was arrested after beingcaught living in a home in Islip Terrace that is also the site of a day care center.  News 12Long Island teamed up with the sheriff's department and Parents for Megan's Law to stake out thehouse.  The sheriff's department found Dupree in violation of his parole for driving a car andliving in a residence with children.  Parents who send their children to Safe Haven werenotified.  Parents for Megan's Law representative Laura Ahearn feels the woman who runs theday care center, Adrienne Dupree, was conning the parents of the children she cared for by lettingRasheem Dupree live there.  The New York State Division of Parole denies it had any knowledgethat Dupree was living in the building as a day care center and there was no day care center or anychildren around when it approved the home in November 2007.  Ahearn says the Office ofChildren and Family Services should have fingerprinted Dupree before registering the home as a daycare center.  OCFS says it is looking into whether that happened.

(Islip Terrace, New York)