A PLACE FOR THEM (Suffolk puts homeless sex offenders in trailers that will move periodically around the county; they won’t be in residential areas)

Suffolk County has begun a plan to put up some offenders temporarily in trailers that will be shuttled around nonresidential neighborhoods at a county-paid cost of $85 per person a night.  Under the new policy, which started last week, up to eight registered offenders will be housed in each of the trailers, which will be placed at undisclosed locations and rotated throughout Suffolk.  Offenders will have an 8 p.m. to 7:30 a.m. curfew while being monitored by two security guards during that time.  In the morning, offenders will be bused to the Department of Social Services to look for permanent housing.  They will be required to register the trailer's address on the state sex offender registry.  Laura Ahearn of Parents for Megan's Law said she supports the new policy because of the added security.  This is a proactive step to ensure community safety by establishing curfews, enhancing supervision for those already on probation and parole, and providing supervision for those who never had supervision at all, Ahearn said.

(New York)